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When you place an order with Daisy's vision, our partner Printful will be the one printing and shipping it to you. Printful has 8 different fulfilment locations worldwide. Depending on the address you provided, they will use the in-house fulfilment centre closest to that address. However, not all products are available in all centres at all times. If a product is not available in the centre nearest to that address, Printful will automatically choose the nearest one after that. 

1. What happens when you order more than one product? 

You may receive them in different packages depending on the size of the products that you ordered. When they do arrive in different packages, you will find a little receipt that will show that they are, in fact, two different packages of the same order.
2. What happens when you order products that are in different fulfilment centres?

No problem! You will receive your order in different packages with a receipt in the package confirming that they are part of the same order. The different fulfilment centres might also cause the packages to arrive at different times. You will receive an email every time an item gets sent out. Are you only seeing part of the order in your email? No worries, it probably has to do with the different fulfilment centres. You will receive a confirmation each time a part of the order has been sent out. It will take tracking about 24 hours to work.

3. Why is it taking so long to get my order?
Everything you see in the store is print-on-demand. This means that production starts when you place an order, and it has been accepted. That way, Daisy's vision doesn't have to add another cost on top of the product's price, and we keep our carbon print low. 

Click this link for all the shipping costs.*

Still haven't found the answer?


Go to "Ordering at Daisy's vision" or "Return policy".

Still no luck?

Send an email to customer service.

*All prices are in Euros and might change.

uploaded on 21st March 2021

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