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Ordering from Daisy's vision

1.Ordering a product on Daisy's vision.

Daisy's vision is a sole proprietorship. This means that I, Erica Daisy, take all the photographs, run the website and all social media accounts. That also means that I design all the products sold in the Art store, a third-party company; Printful does the printing of these products. 
When you buy a product in my Art store, you purchase my design on their blanc product.

2. Printful in-house order fulfilment.

Printful has several locations worldwide where they print these orders in-house. They have 8 in total. This may lead to your order coming in separate shipments or for it to take longer than expected. ​

Printful lokaties.jpg

Still haven't found the answer?


Go to "Shipping" or  "Return policy".

Still no luck?

Send an email to customer service.




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